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“When the student is ready, the teacher appears!”

One of my primary goals in life, and the focus of all my work these days, is to connect eager students with expert teachers… and provide methods for Fair Energy Exchange (FEE – get it?).

I’m not sure who to feel more sorry for:

  • the people who are wasting precious time and energy scouring the web for free (and often incorrect, outdated or useless) information,
  • or the people who have spent a lifetime mastering a subject and desperately want to pass on their wisdom… but haven’t figured out how to pay the bills doing it.

I talk to people every day who are in the second group (my Wisdom Filters).

One of their biggest struggles is deciding what to say. They have so much to share that they go into analysis paralysis when trying to figure out where to start.

In addition, many worry about differentiating themselves from other people who may be teaching the same subject.

If you’re in that boat, here’s my easy answer to overcome both struggles:

Make a list of the 7 Most Important Lessons you’ve learned!

Think about it…

What do people really want when learning something new?

Here are three answers that seem to apply across the board:

  1. They want something new… something they haven’t heard before.
  2. They want something they can use.
  3. They want proven solutions.

Don’t you think that your list of 7 Most Important Lessons would address all three?

  1. It’s new to them because it comes from your own, personal experience. Even if the lesson is similar to something they’ve heard, your particular story and conditions that led to your understanding are unique.
  2. It’s useful because you know it works.
  3. It’s proven because you have successfully used it over and over again.

Creating this list should be fun, easy and exciting…

It’s the best of the best of everything you do!

It’s the stuff you use every day.

So what’s keeping you from starting your list?