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I pride myself on being very diligent with how I spend my time and energy. I know success depends on having laser focus when I’m working, while leaving enough time to relax and reset by having no schedule whatsoever when I’m “off.”

But I also believe in flexibility. Sometimes the schedule has to bend. As long as it’s for a good reason…

I’ve set myself the goal of posting something interesting or useful (preferably both) three times a week. I thought I was going to miss today, but here I am.

I’m breaking the flow of my posts because I’ve spent most of the day working with my agent and various contractors in preparation for closing on the sale of some apartments. So while this is a diversion from “the story so far,” it does have a point.

Real estate has been an amazing investment vehicle for us. I’ll be talking a lot more about the why and how in upcoming posts. But for now, let me just give you two numbers from this one apartment building:

  • 32% average cash-on-cash return since we bought the place
  • The building will sell for 60% sell more than what we paid for it, only 5 years ago

Enticing, isn’t it?