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My team has issued me a kinda nuts-o challenge.

See, I’m constantly running around here ranting about the extra sales companies could be generating if they just fixed a couple of things on their eCommerce site. It makes me crazy… and apparently my ranting is making them crazy!

So they told me to put my money where my mouth is (snarky little buggers… just one of the many reasons I love them).

I can’t resist a challenge, so here’s the deal…

I’ve set aside the next three weeks of my life to just talk to people about these issues.

This is NOT about SEO or marketing or social media… the stuff that everyone else seems to have a “magic bullet” solution for (hint: they don’t). We’re just going to talk about some practical, and usually simple, things you can change to help ensure more people make it to that final step where they give you money (hopefully with even more stuff in their cart).

Why am I doing this?

‘cause I’m a nice guy… just ask any of my friends. 😉

Seriously, though, the health of our company is dependent on the health of the eCommerce industry as a whole. Time I spend educating people always pays off for us in the long term. And, yes, it does make me feel good.

That’s also why I’m not charging for these consultations.

(luckily the same team that’s pushing me to do this are the ones that allow me the freedom to do so)

If this interests you at all, drop me an email.

NOTE: Despite my best efforts, I haven’t been able to clone myself or add extra hours to the day (too much time working on the silly transporter). And I honestly have no idea how many people even care about getting this kind of help. So be patient. I will respond as quickly as I can (except weekends… contrary to popular belief, I do have a life outside of business).